PyData Amsterdam Keynote on Ethical Machine Learning

Posted on Fri 07 April 2017 in conferences

I was kindly asked by the PyData Amsterdam organizers to keynote the conference. As a passionate fan of ethical machine learning and the great research being done by data scientists and academics around the world -- I am very enthused to present the topic to the conference.

My slides are currently available as a jupyter notebook via GitHub and I will be posting them in an easy way to key through them soon. I will be adding the video as well as several extra posts regarding the research and findings here.

I would especially like to thank Matti Lyra for his help and suggestions in crafting this talk. I would also like to thank Françoise Provencher for pointing me to some of the great resources.

Talk and Slide References

Recommended Reading & Related Work

In addition to the papers I was able to reference in the slides, I have appended here some recommended reading on the topic of Ethics in Machine Learning. Expect this list to expand over time :)


Blogs and Publications




News on Ethical Machine Learning and Models Gone Bad