Building a Privacy-First Newsletter

Posted on Sun 12 March 2023 in internet

Building a newsletter is a fairly common activity these days, with many creators, writers and thinkers making part of their living via subscribers willing to give small amounts of money out per year or month to get exclusive access. Beyond the paid subscriptions, there's an increasing demand for free, or …

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Joining Dropout Labs!

Posted on Sat 23 November 2019 in misc

After months of searching, lots of fun (and some less fun) interviews and hours of self-reflection, I am excited to announce I am the new Head of Product at Dropout Labs! 🎉

The interview and decision process was quite iterative and disruptive! I am somewhat to blame for this as I …

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Let's Get Together: More Details on Me, You and My Dream Gig

Posted on Thu 06 June 2019 in misc


We may not know each other, but here you are on my website -- perhaps because you saw a post or someone shared a link. I'm resourceful, determined, intelligent and looking for new challenges. Welcome!

Here's more about me, in case it is news to you:

[About Me]

  • Co-founder of …

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Adversarial Learning for Good: My Talk at #34c3 on Deep Learning Blindspots

Posted on Thu 28 December 2017 in conferences

When I first was introduced to the idea of adversarial learning for security purposes by Clarence Chio's 2016 DEF CON talk and his related open-source library deep-pwning, I immediately started wondering about applications of the field to both make robust and well-tested models, but also as a preventative measure against …

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Towards Interpretable Reliable Models

Posted on Sun 29 October 2017 in conferences

I presented a keynote at PyData Warsaw on moving toward interpretable reliable models. The talk was inspired by some of the work I admire in the field as well as a fear that if we do not address interpretable models as a community, we will be factors in our own …

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GDPR & You: My Talk at Cloudera Sessions München

Posted on Wed 11 October 2017 in conferences

Unless you have been avoiding all news, you have likely heard of the coming changes in European privacy regulations which go into effect in May 2018. The changes are covered under the General Data Privacy Regulation Directive, whose final text was made available in May 2016.

I presented a talk …

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Algorithmic Art and "Künstliche Kunst"

Posted on Sat 07 October 2017 in conferences

I was invited to give a talk at 404 Dublin, a really cool conference joining community groups w/ tech folks and art installations. When thinking of what topics might be of interest to the audience, I selfishly went to one of my (side) passions.. following artists who are doing amazing …

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Comparing scikit-learn Text Classifiers on a Fake News Dataset

Posted on Mon 28 August 2017 in research

Finding ways to determine fake news from real news is a challenge most Natural Language Processing folks I meet and chat with want to solve. There is significant difficulty in doing this properly and without penalizing real news sources.

I was discussing this problem with Miguel Martinez-Alvarez on my last …

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Data Unit Testing: EuroPython Tutorial

Posted on Fri 14 July 2017 in trainings

I gave a long and opinionated tutorial at EuroPython 2017 about how we should do unit testing and validation within a data science scope. The GitHub repository for the course (which is part of my O'Reilly Live Online training) is I will continue editing and …

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if Ethics is not None

Posted on Fri 14 July 2017 in conferences

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of giving a keynote at EuroPython 2017. I covered a historical view of ethics in computing. The slides are shared here, but it was also recorded so I will post a video when it is available. (Updated: video added!)

In addition, a series …

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