Chatbot Scraper: Europarl Scraper: 24 Languages of Politics, at your fingertips

Posted on Thu 20 October 2016 in hacking

I participated in a two-day PyDataBerlin Hackathon event in early-October and decided to build a scraper for European Parliament. This was after I found the Europarl parallel corpus a bit underwhelming as it is messy and not tagged for party, speakers or topic (this is understandable, as it is primarily …

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Chatbot Scraper: Using (today's) IRC logs as your NLP datasets

Posted on Thu 29 September 2016 in hacking

I dunno about you, but I often find myself bored with NLP (natural language processing) datasets. Too often they are older, based around something that is not particularly interesting to me or something I've analyzed or used before.

For me, IRC has often been a source of community, fun, sometimes …

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Python Flight Search

Posted on Tue 29 March 2016 in hacking

Like many people, I enjoy travel. With family and friends all across the United States and a home base in Berlin, it's fairly easy to find a reason to travel -- either globally or within the EU. That said, what I find more difficult is to determine what's the best way …

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